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Regina's first auto speedway opened in 1907.  Regina Exhibition Race Track was a 1/2 mile dirt oval track.  The speedway went on hiatus due in part to World War I when the Canadian Government used Regina Exhibition Park to house and train troops.  Racing returned to Regina in 1917, becoming a main attraction at the Regina Fair until 1937.  

​One of the greatest sprint car racers of all time, Emory Collins, grew up in Regina and got his start on the local race track.  He took first place in the Firestone Sweepstakes on July 2, 1925.  By the end of the 1920's, he had international fame.  He went on to win four titles during his thirty-year career and be inducted into the IMCA Hall of Fame. 

The Regina Auto Racing Club organized a new speedway, which opened north of White City on May 19, 1949.  The track, named Sherwood Raceway, was a 1/4 mile dirt oval.  

In October of 1962 Regina Mayor, Henry Baker announced that construction of a new speedway would begin the following spring.  The city council provided land in Kings Park, northeast of the city.  The track was built on a slight hill.  Kings Park Speedway opened in 1967 as a 1/3 mile dirt oval track.  In 1970 the track was paved.  The $25,000 track was one of the best in Western Canada.



Kings Park Speedway forsters and promotes affordability and sportsmanship. Become a part of the Kings Park Speedway future and get involved as an owner/drive, volunteer or spectator. Looking to get in the race? Contact us, we can help you and your team find the right car or truck. 

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